Welcome to team Gwawr  Winners of the “Panasonic World Solar Challenge Environmental Awareness Award 2007” Other Solar Car Teams EDUCATION Contact News Car Team Home OTHER TEAMS RACES MEDIA © 2010 Webwhales There are a wealth of solar car teams around the world. We will be endeavouring to add more solar car teams in the coming months. If you would like a link to your webpage, please contact us. Cambridge University’s solar car Endeavour, competed in the Global Green Challenge 2009 and the Veolia World Solar Challenge 2011. Durham University’s solar car, DUSC, competed in the North American Solar Challenge 2008 and the Veolia World Solar Challeneg 2011. . UCL competed with Solar Fox in the Panasonic World Solar Challenge 2007. TECHNOLOGY WSC-2012-BLOG WSC-2012-BLOG