Solarr  Winners of the “Panasonic World Solar Challenge Environmental Awareness Award 2007” Solar Car Challenges EDUCATION Contact News Car Team Home OTHER TEAMS RACES MEDIA © 2010 Webwhales The number of international solar car challenges is gradually increasing. Known as challenges rather than races, as teams compete on roads, so must obey speed limits, arriving at checkpoints at specified times. They consist of several days driving, traversing many miles. The World Solar Challenge was established in 1987. Events are held every two years with teams driving 3000km from Darwin in North Australia, to Adelaide in the South.   The American Solar Challenge was first held in 1990. The latest race in 2010 was held between Dallas and Chicago. The South African Solar Challenge was established in 2008. Teams start and finish in Praetoria, travelling the length and breadth of South Africa. TECHNOLOGY