Welcome to team Gwawr  Winners of the “Panasonic World Solar Challenge Environmental Awareness Award 2007” Team Gwawr Solar Cars Contact News Car Team Home Tân-Y-Wawr (Fire of the Dawn) is currently in production. The car is an electric car, that is also a solar car. The car design has undergone Computational Fluid Dynamic analysis to create an aerodynamic design, capable of being driven at 50mph with about the same amount of power needed to run a hair dryer. A lesser known fact, solar cars can travel at over 100mph, powered by energy received from the sun. Nos Gwawr II (Night to the power of Dawn), is Glyndwr University’s educational toy. A half scale live car, which is driven by the youngest member of the Gwawr team, now aged 8, although it has been known for larger team members to have a go. As an education learning aid the Gwawr team, and Glyndwr University, are more than happy to bring the car to your event, school or organisation. For more information about this service please contact us. Archived webpages can be viewed here.  Gwawr (Dawn) was the first Welsh car to be entered into the World Solar Challenge in Australia. The car was built for under £8000, using off the shelf technology, sourced where possible from within Wales. The team philosophy was to try and dispel the notion that solar technology is only for the future. In reality these cars can be built now from existing components. Archived webpages can be viewed here. © 2010 Webwhales Tan Y Wawr is currently being redeveloped into a 4 wheeled car to take part in the Olympic Class of the South African Solar Challenge, September 2012.